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When my pokemon are fully trained, which pokemon youtuber should I fight first? 

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  • Reading: Fairy tail
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The end of the year has reached its climax.

I have conquered my ordeals for the year.

I just wanna know.


Just why haven't found what I was looking for?

What is it that I'm trying to find?

Is it a self-indulgence?

Is it a goal?

Or is it my ambition that's driving me?

People say I am very strong on the outside and inside.

When I fall down, I continue to rise and get back up.

Is it my adrenaline?

Is it fear?

How about my emotions?

I honestly cant tell anyone or explain.

Not even myself.

But if I were to guess.

I'm looking for something big.

Something so big, no one except for me can get it.

Its unique in its own ways.

It helps me move each step every time I desire it.

Doesn't matter who gets in my way.



Or even strangers?

I want it.

And I'm going to get it.

It's exciting for me.

But overwhelming for everyone else.

What I desire is the hardest thing to ever complete.

Because I have no idea what it is.

I feel empty without it.

What I'm trying to find is cloaked in its own veil.

Its very secretive.

Very mysterious.

Very impacting.

And its very extraordinary.

My curiosity makes that desire fill it with more ambition.

It's probably one of the reasons why I am who I am today.

Without it I feel so dark and filled with anger.

I feel so reserved because no one understands except for me.

I'm so mysterious because the answer remains unsolved.

I can't get anyone to help me with it.

I have to do it myself.

Its a very strong desire.

But a desire with its own risks.

Is it something I haven't achieved yet?

Or is it a gift I already have, but don't know how to use it yet.

I will start yet another year looking for that desire.

But will I find it this time?

If I were to guess my desire.

It would be order.

There is always order with my ambitions.

And it has so many categories to choose from.

I'm picking my own poison.

And when I find what I'm looking for.

It will be complete.


  Zhu has done her second job as a prostitute to kill her boyfriend Li Qin. Mysteries and secrets still hidden from Zhu's identity. What is she?

Akiyo goes to the bathroom.

Akiyo: (yawning) So tired.

He sees hair moving.

Akiyo: (in thought) Isn't this Zhu's hair? Why is it moving?

Tao knocks on the door.

Akiyo leaves the bathroom and opens the door.

Tao: How's everything going?

Akiyo: Zhu is about to kill another carnage.

Tao: Here's more gold for finding that carnage. I'm sure Zhu will take him out.

Akiyo: I found this hair.

Tao: It's moving. Seems like there's a Kejouro that lives here.

Akiyo: Where is she?

Tao: Zhu is the Kejouro.

Akiyo: No wonder why her boobs and butt are so huge.

Tao: I've been around enough prostitutes to know. My wife Chloe was one.

Note: Kejouro's are mythical creatures that have a human appearance. They are known for being prostitutes and can manipulate their own hair.

Akiyo: I'm sure she'll be honest about it.

Tao: I have found some news about the limbo.

Akiyo: You have?

Tao: Yes. Hisoka's minds eye saw something else. It is not a Cherokee reindeer. It is a Arabic goat.

Akiyo: Mythical creature?

Tao: A Baphomet.

Akiyo: Age?

Tao: She looks like a teenager. But don't let her looks fool you. She's over a hundred years old. She'll be looking for you and greeting you.

Akiyo: Thanks Tao.

He leaves.

The scene switches to Zhu.

Zhu: (breathing hard)(blushing)

She screams and collapses to the floor.

Li Qin: I bet you enjoyed yourself.

Zhu: Don't be so vulgar about it.

Li Qin: Why not? You're a whore anyways, so what does it matter?

Zhu: Nothing. Don't worry about it.

She keeps quiet.

Li Qin: All quiet now huh?

Zhu: Lets just break up okay. It's obvious you don't love me.

Li Qin slaps her in the face.

Li Qin: I've done all this good shit and you want to break up? I buy you all the nice things you need, and you just act like some spoiled little bitch!

He squeezes her cheeks.

Zhu: (crying) Please stop.

He throws her to the wall.

Li Qin: I gotta piss. Brew me some tea when I get back.

Zhu: Okay.

He leaves while Zhu brews him some tea.

Zhu: (crying)

She drugs his tea and hides.

Li Qin: My tea is ready. About time.

He drinks it and his body paralyzes.

Li Qin: I cant move.

Zhu grows her hair and wraps it around his neck. Strangling him from the ceiling.

Zhu: I cant be with anyone who keeps abusing me.

Tears fall down on his face.

Zhu: (crying) Goodbye Li Qin.

She snaps his neck and kills him. She leaves the brothel and walks home naked.

Akiyo: Did you just walk back home naked?

Zhu: (crying) I don't want to talk about it right now. Goodnight. I'll make you some breakfast tomorrow.

She goes to bed.

Akiyo ices her body.

Akiyo: I'm glad you're safe.

Zhu: (crying)(yelling) Why does this happen to me?!

Akiyo: Zhu it will be alright.

Zhu: (crying) No it won't! The only thing I'm good at is cooking, getting laid and getting beaten! I don't even feel like a lady anymore!

Akiyo: But you are one. It's not your fault you were raised like that.

Zhu: (crying) It's the only thing I'm good at. I'm so ashamed.

Akiyo: Why don't I help you?

Zhu: (crying) You'll help me?

Akiyo: Yeah. You mean so much to me. We're at least friends right?

Zhu: Yes.

Akiyo: And if you're ever in the mood I can give you some time alone.

Zhu: (blushing)(smiling) Trying to captivate me again?

Akiyo: I'll always do it to a gorgeous kejoro like you.

Zhu: You knew?

Akiyo: I had to used the bathroom and I saw your hair moving. I can only think of one type of creature that can manipulate their own hair. A Kejoro.

Zhu: Well I cant hide that from you anymore.

Akiyo: I have an idea. Instead of selling your body, why don't you only sell your hair?

Zhu: My hair?

Akiyo: You didn't know? A kejoro's hair is very valuable since is silky. It can be used for numerous amounts of things.

Zhu: I didn't know that.

Akiyo: You didn't?

Zhu: Mama told me that my hair is only good for attracting men.

Akiyo: That's not true. I think your mother was jealous of you.

Zhu: She was pretty, but men found me more attractive than her. Her hair was only black. Mine is white and tipped black on the bottom.

Akiyo: Really?

Zhu: I made more money than her too.

Akiyo: Just get some sleep for now okay?

Zhu: Okay. Goodnight Akiyo.

Akiyo: Goodnight Zhu.

The next morning. Zhu wakes up.

Akiyo: Good morning Zhu.

Zhu: Oh hi. Good morning Akiyo.

Akiyo: I made you some breakfast.

Zhu: You did?

Akiyo: Yeah. Go ahead and eat.

She eats.

Zhu: This isn't bad Akiyo. I didn't know you learned how to cook.

Akiyo: I had to learn from one of my lovers.

Zhu: Which one?

Akiyo: Layla.

Zhu: (teasing) Oooooh. You had something going on with her did you?

Akiyo: (blushing)(smiling) Well we started to fall in love, and we ended up having a baby.

Zhu: Where's the baby?

Akiyo: (sigh) It died.

Zhu: Oh no. I'm sorry. I know that experience.

Akiyo: You do?

Zhu: I was pregnant one time. But Li Qin forced me to abort it.

Akiyo: I'm sorry.

Zhu: I'm sure my baby is in a better place now. Yours too.

Akiyo: I've done all the farm work for you.

Zhu: Did you really?

Akiyo: Yeah.

Someone knocks on her door. Zhu puts some clothes on and opens the door.

Customer: Hi. I heard that you're a kejoro.

Zhu: Um yes I am.

Customer: Your hair is so pretty! May I buy some of your hair?!

Note: Zhu's hair always grows no matter how many times she cuts it.

Zhu: You wanna buy my hair?

Customer: Yes. I need silky hair like yours to make wedding dresses.

Zhu: How much do you want for it?

Customer: You cut all your hair and I'll give you 100,000 gold for it.

Zhu: (shocked) That's a lot.

Customer: Is it a deal?

Zhu: Yes! Thank you so much!

She cuts all her hair and sells it.

Customer: Thank you so much! This is plenty!

Zhu: Have a nice day.

She leaves.

Akiyo: You look really beautiful with long hair.

Zhu: (smiling) I think kitty cat trying to get in bed with me.

Akiyo: (teasing) I don't know what you're talking about.

Zhu: Give me some time before we do stuff like that okay?

Akiyo: Okay. By the way here's your reward?

Zhu: Reward?

Akiyo: You killed that carnage.

Zhu: Oh thanks. Are you hungry by any chance?

Akiyo: Yeah.

Zhu: I'll make you something good okay?

Akiyo: Okay.

Zhu: Thank you for helping me Akiyo.

She kiss him and goes to the kitchen.

Akiyo: Your hair grows back fast.

Zhu: It always grows back like this.

Akiyo: I like your hair better when its longer.

Zhu: (smiling) Thanks. I think it looks prettier this way.

Akiyo: So who's your friend coming over?

Zhu: I don't have anyone coming over here.

Akiyo: Yeah you do she's headed this way?

Someone knocks on her door.

Zhu: You could hear her all the way from over there?

Akiyo: A cats hearing is more acute than a dogs.

Zhu: Could you open the door for me please? I'm cooking your meal.

Akiyo: Okay.

He opens the door.

Akiyo: May I ask who you are?

Kalila: My name is Kalila. You can call me Lily if you want.

Zhu: Akiyo who is it?

Akiyo: It's a goat girl.

Zhu: A goat girl?

Kalila: (sigh) I'm limbo.

Akiyo: Oh! So your the first circle? Come on in.

She enters.

Zhu: Lily are you hungry?

Kalila: Yes. I'm a vegan so vegetables only please.

Zhu: Okay.

Kalila: Hisoka said you guys are in a circle too. Which one?

Zhu: I'm lust.

Akiyo: Treachery.

Akiyo lays down.

Zhu: Akiyo whats the matter?

Akiyo: I sense a very bad omen. A storm is coming.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 121- Pandora's box
  Akiyo has decided to help Zhu on her farm while he recuperates. They stock up on all supplies so they can prepare for sailing to the hanging gardens.

They walk to her farm.

Zhu: If you don't want to you don't have to. I'll do it on my own.

Akiyo: It's okay I'll help. This will get to know you more.

Zhu: If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Akiyo: How many piercings do you have?

Zhu: I have one on each ear, one on my nose, one my tongue, and somewhere else.

Akiyo: Where's the last one.

Zhu whispers in his ear.

Akiyo: Oh okay. Why do you always keep your hair short?

Zhu: I keep it short for safety reasons when I cook, so there's no accident.

Akiyo: Why are you so passive? How come you don't fight back?

Zhu: Papa raised me without violence, I do not fight unless my friends are hurt or told to do so.

Akiyo: Who were your parents?

Zhu: Papa was the nicest person ever. I learned all my cooking from him. I hate my mama on the other hand. She's very abusive and would beat me.

Akiyo: How did your parents meet.

Zhu: My mama was bored of the chefs in the underworld, so she decided to go to the earth and find a chef that struck her fancy. She admired my papas culinary skills and invited him to the underworld.

Akiyo: So your mom is the panda?

Zhu: No papa was. Mama was a demon.

Akiyo: What's your tattoo?

Zhu: Its bamboo and a blue lantern.

Akiyo: So why were you in the Sun yee on?

Zhu: It all started because of Ruomei. I found her when she was poor with her mother. Papa and I would make meals for her. After her mother died Li Jun forced her into Sun yee on as a prostitute. Then she worked her way up and I was recruited after Fenfang bullied me.

Akiyo: Any crimes?

Zhu: Prostitution and murder.

Akiyo: (surprised) You did both of those?

Zhu: Yes. Ruomei wasn't the only one forced into prostitution. I was too, along with Yuehai and Fenfang.

Akiyo: Why you three?

Zhu: Li Jun found me very attractive after all the weight I lost. He forced me into it. Yuehai was being bribed into things, and for Fenfang it was punishment for trashing my restaurant.

Akiyo: But the murder part I don't get.

Zhu: Oh that. I chose to do it after finding the man who killed papa.

Akiyo: Are these real?

Zhu: What are?

Akiyo: Those.

He gropes her chest.

Zhu: Of course they're real. Everything about me is natural. Why?

Akiyo: They're huge!

Zhu: Why does everybody questions me about that?

Akiyo: (nosebleed) I never seen them that big before.

Zhu: (giggling)(blushing) Oh stop you pervert.

Akiyo: So how do you keep your weight stable?

Zhu: I'm on a special diet that allows me to eat any food without gaining weight, and I can eat as much food as I want.

They arrive at the farm.

Zhu: Here's my farm.

Akiyo: That a lot of land!

Zhu: I'm sure you're good with animals.

Akiyo: I know just about everything. I love animals.

Zhu: I'm going to start you off with the chicken coop. Just get a basket and collect the eggs. Then clean them. I'm going to milk the cows.

Akiyo: Got it.

Zhu: If you need anything just ask.

Akiyo: Okay.

He goes to the chicken coop and collects the eggs.

Akiyo: That's a lot of eggs.

He feeds the chickens and heads to the river to clean the eggs.

Akiyo: (in thought) I haven't been in a farm in a long time. I had no idea Zhu had one.

He cleans all the eggs.

Akiyo: I'm sure she goes fishing.

He uses water techniques and pulls fish out the water.

Akiyo: That should be enough fish.

He heads back to Zhu.

Zhu: Already done?

Akiyo: Yes. All the eggs are picked and cleaned. And I fed the chickens and caught you some fish.

Zhu: Akiyo that means so much to me. Thank you so much.

Akiyo: Do you need any water or anything?

Zhu: I do need water in those barrels.

Akiyo uses water techniques into the barrel.

Zhu: You are so lucky. I can't do that. I can only use fire and wind.

Akiyo: By the way, what did you, Yuehai and Li Juan say about me?

Zhu: Yuehai said you are very handsome and well mannered despite your perverted behavior. Li Juan has a thing for you too.

Akiyo: She my girlfriend now.

Zhu: What?! Don't you have Tomiko as a girlfriend?

Akiyo: We're all animals anyways. So it shouldn't matter.

Zhu: Good point.

Akiyo: What did you say about me?

Zhu: (giggling) That's for me to know and you to find out.

Akiyo: Don't be like that.

Zhu: I said you are very captivating. I actually feel like a lady around you.

Akiyo: Oh okay.

Zhu: Now I wanna ask you something.

Akiyo: Go ahead.

Zhu: (nervous)

Akiyo: Do be shy tell me.

Zhu: I know I have to obey you, but please be nice and gentle with me. (blushing) I'll do anything you want but please don't hurt me. (crying) I really want to trust you.

Akiyo: Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I only was rough on Ruomei because she got out of hand. Just trust me okay.

Zhu: Okay.

Akiyo: I actually like women like you. You're very cooperative and soft spoken.

Zhu: (happy) Thanks.

Akiyo feels an evil aura.

Akiyo: Zhu you should leave.

Zhu: What's the matter?

Akiyo: There's another carnage coming.

Zhu: Akiyo no. Hisoka said no fighting.

Akiyo: I don't think you can handle him.

Zhu steps in front of him.

Zhu: I'm trusting in you, so you should trust in me too.

He appears.

Li Qin: Are you the one that killed Li Jun?

Akiyo: Yeah I was one of them.

Li Qin: I'm going to kill you.

Akiyo: For what?

Li Qin: That was my brother.

Akiyo: I'm sorry for your loss, but he had to die.

Li Qin: That's it? That's all you have to say?!

He walks towards Zhu.

Li Qin: Move bitch.

Zhu: Could you please not call me that? I don't like that word.

Li Qin: I said move.

Zhu: I would really appreciated if you would leave the farm. Pa doesn't like trespassers.

Li Qin: I said move.

He hits her.

Akiyo: (angry) You keep her out of this! She hasn't done anything wrong!

Li Qin chokes her.

Zhu: Please leave.

Li Qin: And I said move bitch.

He punches her in the face.

Zhu: Li Qin, please stop causing me trouble. I'm being very nice and gentle with you.

Li Qin: Just get back to work you damn whore. I don't need you slacking off.

Zhu: (annoyed) Watch your mouth Li Qin. You know what I'm capable of. Now please get off my farm.

Li Qin: No! He dies first!

Zhu: I'll take care of him for you then.

Akiyo: Zhu! Are you serious?!

Zhu: (seducing) I'll even give you some overtime at the brothel if you behave. We can do whatever you want as long as you want.

Li Qin: (blushing)(irritated) Alright! Alright! Just kill him! I don't care how long it takes!

He leaves.

Zhu: We can go to my house. Lets go.

Akiyo: (annoyed) Whatever.

Zhu: Akiyo just relax. I'm not going to kill you obviously.

Akiyo: (annoyed) I wanted to fight him.

Zhu: Hisoka said no. Just give me a chance and let me take care of him okay?

Akiyo: (annoyed) Fine.

They go in her house.

Zhu: I'm taking a bath. You can wait until I'm done.

She goes into the bathhouse and takes a bath.

Akiyo starts peeping on her.

Zhu: (giggling) I know you're peeping.

Akiyo: (lying) No I'm not.

Zhu: (giggling) Seriously Akiyo? I'm from the circle of lust. And you're a boy so why wouldn't you?

Akiyo: Okay you got me.

Zhu: All you had to do was ask to come in with me.

Akiyo: You wouldn't have gotten mad?

Zhu: (laughing) No. I'm a prostitute anyways. So many guys have seen me naked.

Akiyo: (blushing) Wanna bathe together?

Zhu: I'd love to.

They bathe together.

Akiyo: Can you really handle him?

Zhu: Yes. I'm not going to fight him physically. I'm doing it mentally.

Akiyo: You can do that?

Zhu: He easily gets tempted by women. Just trust me okay?

Akiyo: So who is he?

Zhu: He's Li Jun's younger brother, and my soon to be ex boyfriend.

Akiyo: He's your boyfriend?

Zhu: After tonight he wont be. I'm tired him hitting me and treating me like a call girl. So I'm going to kill him.

They finish bathing.

Zhu: Are you hungry?

Akiyo: May I have something to eat please?

Zhu: (smiling) Of course.

They get dressed and she starts cooking.

Akiyo: So what are you making?

Zhu: (smiling) It's a surprise. I've never made this before.

Akiyo: Never?

Zhu: Nope not even my boyfriend. I don't even cook for him anymore.

She continues cooking.

Akiyo: You are cooking al these dishes so fast. Why so many meals?

Zhu: All that is for me. This is my diet.

Akiyo: This is a really healthy diet, but so much food. But where's mine though?

Zhu: It's already being cooked in the baker.

She finishes cooking her meals.

Akiyo: (confused) Huh?

Zhu: What's the matter?

Akiyo: You cooked my meal first but yours finished first.

Zhu: Yours take more time since I'm baking and never made it before. Mine is really easy because I eat these meals all the time.

Akiyo: It's making your body look good in all the right places.

Zhu: (blushing)(smiling) Oh stop. You are such a heartthrob.

Akiyo: (teasing) Maybe I should stop.

Zhu: (flirting) Maybe you should keep going.

She pulls Akiyo's meal out the baker.

Zhu: (smiling) I hope you like it.

He eats it.

Akiyo: This is really amazing. Is this salmon?

Zhu: It is, with white rice. Eating the lemon slices are edible too.

Akiyo: (crying)(happy) This is so good.

Zhu: It was really a pleasure making your meal.

Akiyo: This is the best dish I've ever had.

Zhu continues eating.

Akiyo: (in thought) How much food can she eat? I never really thought how cute a girl would look just by eating.

Zhu: Phew I'm done.

Akiyo: How many dishes was that?

Zhu: 30.

Akiyo: 30 dishes?! That's a lot of food.

Zhu: I am a panda so I eat a lot. I could eat a lot more than that if I wanted to.

Akiyo: You could win any food contest you wanted to.

Zhu: That's how I get some of my money.

She leaves the house.

Zhu: Can you do me a favor Akiyo? Can you do the dishes for me please?

Akiyo: Sure I'll take care of them. Be safe okay?

Zhu: I promise.

She kiss him on the cheek and leaves.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 120- Fair share

  The identity of Fenfang has finally been revealed. She is the ancestors of Babylonians and Minami's half sister. What other mystery has been solved?

The scene switches to Yuehai.

Zhu: Hello Yuehai! You look very beautiful today!

Yuehai: Thank you. You do too. You been treating your body very well.

Zhu: I have to look good for him.

Yuehai: (teasing) You should make a move on him.

Zhu: (blushing) I cant do that! He's on a date with Li Juan.

Yuehai: Better hurry before I make a move on him.

Zhu: (blushing) No way he's mine!

Layla: So Yuehai. Have you finished running tests on Akiyo?

Yuehai: He has some unbelievable potential. I can see why Set wants to kill him. What did you do to him? How did he get the chaos?

Layla: We were mating and I must have spread it to him on accident.

Yuehai: I ran a test on Tomiko and she has the same thing.

Tomiko: I do?

Yuehai: Somethings not right. His powers have been amplifying ever since he reached to his first stage as a hellcat. I don't even think he was a earthborn child.

Layla: Where is he from?

Yuehai: I don't know, but for Set to want to kill Akiyo he must be extremely dangerous.

Layla: Akiyo can hurt gods?

Yuehai: Can he? All the tests I've been running proves he isn't normal. When he bleed his blood freezes and evaporates in thin air.

Tomiko: He was born there.

Yuehai: Where?

Tomiko: Hell.

Yuehai: How do you know this?

Tomiko: I was born in the same place in the 7th layer. If he can freeze things he's born in the most dangerous layer. The 9th circle of treachery. They have the most dangerous criminals and breeds down there.

Yuehai: How do the breeds work?

Tomiko: The higher the parents ranking the lower the circle. If he gets in his second form he will only get more dangerous from here.

Yuehai: Then why is Layla so obedient to him. She's a hellhound, they're untamable.

Tomiko: Because Akiyo has a higher power and more dominance over her. Akiyo is a rank 9, she is a rank 6. All hellborn creatures must obey the chain of command and the ranking system.

Yuehai: But you're stronger than him.

Tomiko: Strength and dominance are two different things. I must obey him as well as a 7th rank or there will be severe punishment. The bigger the number, the higher the rank. If he says to slaughter enemies then you do it without question. If wants to destroy this country then you do it. If he wants to mate then you do it. Whatever the higher rank wants you say yes. Saying no is not a tolerable answer.

Zhu starts munching on bamboo.

Zhu: I'm glad I don't have to follow those rules.

Tomiko: Actually you do since your mother gave birth to you in the 2nd layer.

Zhu: (blushing) W-what?! That's not fair! I don't wanna live that life! My mom is really mean! Papa didn't like her!

Yuehai: How did you know Zhu's secret?

Tomiko: Personality and experience. I don't know how or why but I can tell every time she covers up her chi.

Zhu: (lying) I'm not hiding anything!

Tomiko: You're obviously lying.

Zhu: (embarrassed)(crying) So what! I couldn't stand my mother! She has done horrible things to me and I hate her! I will never forgive her!

She runs off.

Yuehai: Tomiko she's really serious about that kind of stuff. Her mother has abused her in many ways.

Tomiko: Her culinary skills surpasses any other chef. Her true cooking skills arent meant for show, its meant for killing.

Yuehai: She never wanted to turn out this way. Her father received an invitation from her mother.

Tomiko disappears.

Yuehai: Where they go?

Narumi: They're more than likely were summoned by Hisoka.

Yuehai: Who is she?

Narumi: She is a kunoichi from the Yorino clan and the daughter of the devil. Also the new heir and owner to the underworld. Hisoka Yorino Mizusashi.

The scene switches to Hisoka.

Hisoka: Everyone's here.

Shori: Seems like it.

Akiyo: What the hell just happened?

Hisoka: I just summoned all of you sinners. State your sin.

Zhu: Circle 2. Lust.

Li Juan: Circle 3. Gluttony.

Ruomei: Circle 5. Anger.

Layla: Circle 6. Heresy.

Tomiko: Circle 7. Violence.

Hisoka: Akiyo. State your sin.

Akiyo: What sin?

Hisoka: You don't know where your from?

Akiyo: No. My mom died giving birth to me. I don't know where I'm from.

Hisoka: You are born in the ninth circle. You are treachery.

Akiyo: Wait I was born in hell?

Hisoka: Yes. Besides me you have the highest ranking. You are in command of everyone except me.

Akiyo: So if I wanted to beat Ruomei then she'll allow.

Hisoka: Yes she will.

He sucker punches Ruomei in the face.


She tries to attack Akiyo, but Hisoka starts burning her.

Ruomei: (screaming) You bitch!


She intensifies her flames.

Ruomei: (screaming)(crying) Stop! Stop! Please stop! I'm begging you please! Pleeeease stoooop!

Hisoka kicks her in the face and stabs her.

Hisoka: Know your place! The reason why all of you are summoned is because of Ruomei's screw up! She is responsible for Fenfangs death and must be brought back immediately!

Akiyo: Fenfang is a sinner too?

Li Juan: She's from circle 4. Greed.

Akiyo: Then who's the 1st and the 8th one?

Hisoka: The 8th one is dead. That sinner needs to be replaced. I haven't decided who will be the next one. Fenfang needs to be brought back and revived. The 1st one froze herself in limbo.

Akiyo: What kind of animal is she?

Hisoka: She is a reindeer. A Cherokee on top of that too. You must find her and revive her.

Shori: Would you like me to revive her?

Hisoka: No. Minami and Kagutsuchi have to do it at the hanging gardens. You would only waste a wish doing that.

Akiyo: I could revive her with the gift Tsukiyomi gave me.

Hisoka: No Akiyo. You are too important. I need you alive. Layla do you know where the hanging gardens is?

Layla: Yes ma'am. I'll show them the way.

Hisoka: This is your mission go to the Babylonians homeland. Go the hanging gardens and revive Fenfang. Kagutsuchi and Minami will be there to assist you once you get there.

Akiyo: I'll make sure everyone is safe.

Hisoka: No everyone will make sure you are safe. You will not fight until your injuries are completely healed. Everyone will protect you whether they like it or not. You will stay out of fights right?

Akiyo: I'll stay out of fights.

Hisoka: Ruomei. Strip naked right now.

Shori: This is extreme Hisoka. Are you really going to do this here?

Hisoka: No I'm wont do it here.

She transports everyone in the 8th layer of hell.

Hisoka: I'm going to do this in the circle of fraud. Where everyone can see it.

Ruomei: (crying) Please? Don't do this.

Hisoka: I'm not asking you I'm telling you. I don't care if you're my sister in law. You will do it and accept it.

Ruomei strips naked in front of hundreds of demons.

Ruomei: (crying) I'm begging you to please forgive me.

Hisoka: No. I will never forgive you.

She walks away.

Hisoka: Put her in her place demons. Just don't kill her.

They transport back to earth.

Hisoka: Order must be attained, and loyalty must be shown. This is what happens when you disobey me or Akiyo.

Akiyo: What's going on down there?

Hisoka: Honestly I don't know and I don't care. They could be beating her, using her as a prostitute, torture or any other way to humiliate her. They can see her, but she cant see them. It doesn't stop until I pull her out that dimension. It's endless.

Akiyo: I don't wanna go down there.

Hisoka: Circle of fraud will not work on you.

Akiyo: It wont?

Hisoka: No you are at a higher power than them. They are afraid of you. No circle can harm you. As far as punishment I would have to personally deal with you.  

Akiyo: Oh.

Hisoka: Everyone is dismissed except for Zhu. Prepare to go to the hanging gardens.

She dismisses everyone except Zhu.

Hisoka: What's going on with you Zhu? Why do you hide your sin?

Zhu: (crying)(blushing) Because I never wanted to be born this way. I'm so embarrassed and humiliated the way my life has been. I was abused, people violated me, I was bullied. I've been humiliated in so many ways.

Hisoka: That may be true. But someone will realize just how amazing a person you are. I've been through the same path, but I have a husband and a child that I love. And another baby on the way.

Zhu: (crying) B-but what if no one loves me for who I am?

Hisoka: (giggling) Are you kidding me? Look how beautiful you are. You make me jealous sometimes. You're from the lust circle. Who doesn't want a pretty lady like you?

Zhu: (crying) I don't know.

Hisoka: You lost so much weight. You have beautiful short white hair. Your culinary skills are fantastic. They even surpass my skills. Those glasses make you look so cute, and do you even know what Akiyo would say about your looks. He'd said your boobs and butt are huge!

Zhu: (giggling)(blushing) He would say that.

Hisoka: Love yourself for who you are. Who care if you're full of lust. If you are proud of that sin then keep it that way.

Zhu: Thanks.

She hugs her.

Hisoka: I'm sending you back.

Zhu: (smiling) Okay.

She sends her back.

Akiyo: Oh hey Zhu. You look beautiful today.

Zhu: Thank you.

Akiyo: I'm sorry the date got ruined.

Li Juan: (sulking) I don't want to talk about it.

She slithers away depressed.

Zhu: (nervous) I was wondering.

Akiyo: What is it?

Zhu: I have a farm that I have to work on. Can you help me please?

Akiyo: Sure I'll help.

Zhu: Really? You mean it?

Akiyo: Hisoka said no fighting so I'll help.

Zhu: After everything is harvested and all the work is done I'll cook you a good meal.

Akiyo: (smiling) Okay.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 119- Fresh harvest

  Akiyo and Li Juan continue their date as they sail and pass through the river on the ferry boat. Where is Li Juan taking him?

The scene switches to Shori.

Hisoka: I hope you enjoyed your meal.

Shori: I love your meals.

Hisoka: Um Shori?

Shori: Yes Hisoka?

Hisoka: (blushing)(smiling) I'm pregnant.

Shori: (surprised) Again? I wonder if it'll be a girl next time.

Hisoka: I would love to have a daughter.

Hiroki: Baby!

Hisoka: (smiling) Yes you're gonna have a brother or sister.

Someone knocks on their door.

Shori: Come in.

Kagutsuchi: Good afternoon Shori.

Shori: I see you going to travel the world soon?

Kagutsuchi: Yes. I want to learn other things beside fire and fighting.

Shori: You'll figure it out.

Kagutsuchi: Can you help me?

Shori: Unfortunately I have a family to take care of. Sorry.

Kagutsuchi: What about the bird?

Shori: What bird?

Kagutsuchi: There was a bird that flies around Amaterasu near the sun.

Shori: Oh her. That's Minami.

Kagutsuchi: You think she'll go with me.

Shori: Ask her.

Kagutsuchi: Okay. Thank you so much Shori.

Shori: Anytime.

He leaves.

Note: Kagutsuchi is the Japanese god of fire. He is also Izanami and Izanagi's son. He has all knowledge and creation of fire and can tame any fire based animal.

Kagutsuchi: Amaterasu.

Amaterasu: Oh hello Kagutsuchi.

Kagutsuchi: Tsuchie is fine.

Amaterasu: What do you want?

Kagutsuchi: Who is that bird that flies with you?

Amaterasu: Her name is Minami.

Kagutsuchi: I want to travel around the world with her. May I please take her with me?

Amaterasu: If she says yes then you may.

He talks to Minami.

Kagutsuchi: Hi. My name is Kagutsuchi, but you can call me Tsuchie. I am the Japanese god of fire that creates all fire in this world. Please come with me and travel along my side.

Minami: Why do you want me?

Kagutsuchi: You turned into a bird and flew around the sun. That was amazing!

Minami: Oh I'm a phoenix and a tengu.

Kagutsuchi: You have three kinds of forms. That's amazing!

Minami: My name is Minami, but you can call me Nami if you want.

Kagutsuchi: In your human form what are you?

Minami: What do you mean?

Kagutsuchi: Your body structure is different from mine. And your voice is softer.

Minami: Oh I'm a girl.

Kagutsuchi: Oh I heard of that! People say girls are pretty! You must be pretty!

Minami: (smiling) Thanks.

Kagutsuchi: Am I a girl?

Minami: No you're a boy.

Kagutsuchi: Oooh that's what I am.

Minami: You didn't know?

Kagutsuchi: No I didn't. I don't know much about this world.

Minami: I see.

Kagutsuchi: So how come boys don't have what girls have? What's that on your chest?

He gropes her chest.

Kagutsuchi: Its really soft and their big, but boys don't have it.

Minami: Only girls have it, and will you please stop groping?

Kagutsuchi: What's groping?

Minami: What your doing right now?

Kagutsuchi: Is it a bad thing?

Minami: Most of the time yes. It can be inappropriate.

Kagutsuchi: Inappropriate?

Minami: It's not suitable or it can be rude.

Kagutsuchi: (embarrassed) I'm sorry I didn't know!

Minami: It's okay.

Kagutsuchi: So will you go with me?

Minami: If I go with you then I'll have to teach you how to treat a lady.

Kagutsuchi: There are certain ways to treat a girl? I had no idea.

Minami: Yes. You cant just grope a girl because of their breasts.

Kagutsuchi: Oh so that's what I was groping? I didn't know they had a name.

Minami: Its not a name that's what their called.

Kagutsuchi: I'm confused. I guess this is what happens when you're in a volcano for centuries.

Minami: You must be so far behind knowledge you aren't sure what's around you or how to label things.

Kagutsuchi: Will you please travel with me? We can travel everywhere and learn so many things.

Minami: Okay I'll go with you.

Kagutsuchi: Alright!

Minami: Where do you want to go?

Kagutsuchi: There's a place called China. Can we go there first?

Minami: Do you have a map?

Kagutsuchi: A map? What is a map?

Minami: A map is a paper that has drawn labels that shows you where you need to go.

Kagutsuchi: Where can I get one?

Minami: We can go to a store to get a map and a compass.

They go to a store.

Kagutsuchi: (confused) There are so many words that I'm not sure of. I never heard of a compass before.

Minami: A compass is a tool that tells you the direction you need to go. How were you going to get to China?

Kagutsuchi: I was going to take a guess and go east, south, or west.

Minami: You'll just end up in the ocean. You have to go north.

Kagutsuchi: There's another direction other than east, south, west?

Minami: Yes you have north, east, south, west, northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest.

Kagutsuchi: So many directions.

Minami: How did you know east and west and not those?

Kagutsuchi: I told you, I have only knowledge of fire and fighting.

Minami: What does that have to do with directions?

Kagutsuchi: The sun. It rises from the east and sets to the west.

Minami: So you thought the sun was going to take you to China?

Kagutsuchi: Yes.

She laughs.

Minami: (laughing)

Kagutsuchi: (embarrassed) It's not funny!

He walks off.

Minami: Wait Tsuchie don't leave.

She pays for a map and a compass and leaves.

Minami: Tsuchie I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Kagutsuchi: (sad) If you don't wanna travel with me you don't have to. You probably think I'm stupid.

Minami: No you're not stupid. You were stuck in a volcano for centuries. It's not your fault. I'm really sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Kagutsuchi: I'll accept your apology.

Minami: So here's you map and compass.

Kagutsuchi: Thanks. Now I can go to China with this.

He stares at the maps.

Kagutsuchi: (blushing)(embarrassed) You can have the map. I don't want it anymore.

Minami: What's the matter Tsuchie?

Kagutsuchi: (blushing)(embarrassed) I can't tell you. You'll laugh again.

Minami: Tsuchie I promise I wont laugh again.

Kagutsuchi: (embarrassed)(crying) I cant read. Now I'll never get to China.

Minami: That's not funny. Reading is a very important thing learn.

Kagutsuchi: (embarrassed) But I don't know how to read.

Minami: I can teach you how to read.

Kagutsuchi: Really you mean it?

Minami: I'll help you. We can go to a library if you want.

Kagutsuchi: What's a library?

Minami: It's a place where you can read books.

Kagutsuchi: Will it help me?

Minami: Of course. Books have a variety of information and knowledge you can learn.

Kagutsuchi: Really?! It can teach me other things besides fire and fighting?

Minami: Of course.

Kagutsuchi: Can we go to one?

Minami: Sure. On one condition.

Kagutsuchi: What is it?

Minami: You have to talk quietly in a library.

Kagutsuchi: Why?

Minami: It's rude if you're loud.

Kagutsuchi: I'll make sure I talk quietly.

They go to a library.

Minami: What's your family like?

Kagutsuchi: My mom is Izanami.

Minami: Who's your dad?

Kagutsuchi: (annoyed) Izanagi. I hate him.

Minami: I'm sorry you two don't get along.

Kagutsuchi: I never met him, and I don't want to.

Minami: By the way. How did you know all four main directions except north.

Kagutsuchi: Like I said the sun rises from the east and sets to the west.

Minami: How about south?

Kagutsuchi: You.

Minami: I'm not getting it.

Kagutsuchi: You are one of the four cardinals. The vermillion bird of the south. I thought of south since you are a bird and birds fly south for migration.

Minami: See you're not stupid.

Kagutsuchi: But somethings been bugging me ever since I met you.

Minami: Is there something wrong?

Kagutsuchi: Are you Japanese or no? I cant tell.

Minami: I'm only half.

Kagutsuchi: What's the other half?

Minami: Babylonian.

Kagutsuchi: Never heard of it.

Minami: A lot of people haven't heard of it. Not many of them exist anymore.

Kagutsuchi: So what's your family like?

Minami: I don't know my parents very well. And my sister died 3 days ago.

Kagutsuchi: Who was your sister?

Minami: Her name is Fenfang, and she was my younger half sister.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 118- Hanging gardens
  Li Juan ask Akiyo to a date. He happily accepts her offer and they prepare to leave Beijing. Where is she taking him?

Akiyo: Where are we going?

Li Juan: It's a surprise.

They head back to the ship and pack their things.

Li Juan: I have something nice for you to wear.

Akiyo: You do?

Li Juan: Yeah I left it in your room. I'm getting ready so I'll be out in a few.

Akiyo: Okay.

Akiyo gets dressed.

Akiyo: I guess I'll wait in the kitchen.

Zhu: (smiling) Hello!

Akiyo: Do you like where you're at?

Zhu: (happy) Yes I love it! Thank you so much!

Akiyo: Anytime.

Zhu: Hm. Who are you waiting for?

Akiyo: Li Juan. She's taking me out on a date.

Zhu: (giggling)

Akiyo: What's so funny?

Zhu: (giggling) She really likes you. Li Juan, Yuehai and I have been talking a lot about you.

Akiyo: (smiling) Oh really?

Zhu: Li Juan is one of those people that will give you a lot of favor. She will cater you since you are very dear to her.

Li Juan shows up.

Li Juan: I'm ready kitten. (blushing)(smiling) How do I look?

Akiyo: (excited) You look so sexy!

Li Juan: (blushing)(smiling) Thank you. You look very handsome. Lets go.

They leave.

Li Juan: Have you noticed our chi's?

Akiyo: Yeah. We're more than animals. We're demons.

Li Juan: Where are you from?

Akiyo: I really don't know.

Li Juan: Hellcats are very malicious animals.

Akiyo: Are you afraid of me?

Li Juan: No.

She holds his hand.

Li Juan: (smiling) I like being around you.

They take a ferry boat and sail to Shanghai.

Li Juan: This is our room.

Akiyo: This is paradise being a gorgeous snake like you.

Li Juan: (seducing)(teasing) Maybe you deserve it.

Akiyo: (seducing) What are you trying to offer?

Li Juan: (blushing)(smiling) You know what I want?

Akiyo: (smiling) What's stopping you?

Li Juan releases pheromones.

Li Juan: (excited)(blushing) How about I show you some love?

Akiyo: Li Juan? I'm not ready to mate right now.

Li Juan: (excited)(blushing) Come on kitten. Just a few minutes?

Akiyo: I don't want to break another woman's heart.

Her pheromones go away.

Li Juan: (concerned) What do you mean?

Akiyo: Layla was my lover.

Li Juan: You mean the jackal?

Akiyo: Yes.

Li Juan: What happened?

Akiyo: Shes was pregnant with my child 4 years ago. And our unborn son died.

Li Juan: Akiyo I am so sorry. I didn't know.

Akiyo: It's okay.

Li Juan: I felt that we had a connection going on. (embarrassed) Maybe I was moving to fast.

Akiyo: I just don't someone like you to get their heart broken like Layla did. Once I kill the target I'm looking for, then I'll let you mate.

Li Juan: Who's your target?

Akiyo: Set. The Egyptian go of evil, storms and chaos.

Li Juan: (shocked) Akiyo. He's extremely dangerous. He's one of the worst gods to deal with.

Akiyo: I have to take him out. He'll cause people more destruction and pain the longer I wait. I have to beat him.

The fairy boat stops.

Akiyo: Why did the boat stop?

Li Juan: That must be Lo Shen. She never lets any one pass at this point.

They step outside and everyone makes a fuss.

Lo Shen: Turn the boat around. I forbid you to go any further.

Li Juan: Goddess Lo Shen. May I ask why you are making us turn around.

Lo Shen: I own all the water in this river. Leave now.

Akiyo: Is there anything that I can do to let us pass?

Lo Shen: I don't hold conversations with the Japanese. Go back to your country.

Li Juan: (upset) Hey! Don't talk to him like that! He hasn't done anything wrong!

Lo Shen: Or what snake? What can you possibly do? Why don't you go to Japan with him you Japanese lover.

Li Juan: (embarrassed) Hey he's not like the others! Don't disrespect him like that!

Akiyo: How about we fight to let us pass?

Lo Shen: I do not tolerate fighting. But he will.

She summons a water dragon.

Li Juan: Akiyo you shouldn't fight. Lets just go back.

He walks on the water.

Akiyo: How about this? I knock out that dragon and you let us pass.

Lo Shen: That will never happen. Get rid of this filthy Japanese.

The water dragon strike at him.

Akiyo: You leave me no choice. I have to use my other trump card.

He drives himself into chaos and knocks out the dragon with one punch.

Lo Shen: Impossible.

Akiyo enters into her mind and shows her gruesome images of the people he killed and slaughtered.

Akiyo points the sword to her neck.

Akiyo: Don't endanger the lives of people. If you ever do that again I wont forgive you.

Lo Shen: (trembling)(scared)(crying) I'm sorry. P-please don't hurt me.

Akiyo sheathes Li Juan's swords.

Akiyo: I'm asking nicely. Please let us pass.

Lo Shen: You may pass.

Akiyo walks back onto the ferry boat.

Li Juan: When did you talk my sword?

Akiyo: Just now.

Li Juan: That was fast!

Akiyo's retracts his chaos.

Akiyo: Here you go hebi.

Li Juan: What does that mean?

Akiyo: It means snake.

Li Juan: It's a cute nickname.

They go back into their room.

Li Juan: I have another surprise for you.

Akiyo: What is it?

Li Juan: When I was a little girl I found a box with fruits in it.

Akiyo: What kind of fruits?

Li Juan: I don't know. They are heart shaped fruits and you can see the juice inside.

Akiyo: Those are prisoner fruits. Where did you find those?

Li Juan undresses.

Li Juan: They were somewhere at a park.

Akiyo: Those aren't easy to find. They are not ordinary fruits either. They are filled with demonic energy and they make you more attractive.

Li Juan: (giggling) I think you're making this up.

Akiyo: I'm not. I'm serious. If you start eating them now your appearance will change.

Li Juan: Want to eat them with me?

Akiyo: Sure.

They eat the fruits.

Akiyo: (nosebleed) Wow. These fruits made you look even prettier.

Li Juan looks in a mirror.

Li Juan: You weren't kidding when you said that they make you more attractive.

Akiyo: I told you so. Layla and I ended up the same way.

Li Juan: There's a lot more demonic energy inside me too.

Akiyo: But my date looks so much sexier now.

She coils her body around him.

Li Juan: (excited)(blushing) Wanna pick up where we left off?

Akiyo: (teasing) Someones in love.

Li Juan: (blushing)(excited) Just lay down and I'll take care of everything.

She starts making love.

Later on that day she writes in a journal.

Akiyo: What are you writing?

Li Juan: Some stuff.

Akiyo: Soooo?

Li Juan: Relax kitten. I'm not going to get pregnant. I'll be respectful to your feelings.

Akiyo: Are you on a medicine?

Li Juan: (giggling) I'm a snake. I don't need that kind of stuff. I can choose whether I want to have an egg or not.

Akiyo: Can I ask you a serious question?

Li Juan: What is it kitten?

Akiyo: Why did you want to mate so badly? I thought we were friends.

Li Juan: To be honest Akiyo I don't want to be friends. I want more than that. I am also 23 years old, so I'm to that point to where I'm trying to find that lover and have a child with him. Ever since Fenfang and my parents died I have been all alone with no one to love.

Akiyo: If any mating gets involved then Layla goes first.

Li Juan: By the way. Why do you have an all female assassin group?

Akiyo: I cant tell you that.

Li Juan: I wont tell anyone I promise.

Akiyo: The reason its set this way because there are only four of us clan members left. I want to mate with all you beautiful ladies to restore the clan back to the way it was.

Li Juan: You think that will happen? I'll help you if you want?

Akiyo: Layla and Tomiko will definitely say yes, then there's you, Zhu has be going crazy over me so it wouldn't surprise me. Yuehai really brings up my curiosity, and everyone else I'll wait for their answer.

Li Juan: Even Ruomei?

Akiyo: Hell no. I would never have children with her. I cant forgive someone like her.

Li Juan: How many girlfriends do you have?

Akiyo: Just Tomiko at the moment. Why?

Li Juan: (embarrassed) I was wondering, if I could be your woman?

Akiyo: Then I guess I have 2 girlfriends.

Li Juan: (smiling) Ready for your snake massage?

Akiyo: Yeah.

She oil massages his body and coils around him.

Akiyo: So what's Yuehai like?

Li Juan: She's very nice and forgiving. Of all the women on that ship she's the oldest.

Akiyo: How old is she?

Li Juan: She's almost a hundred years old.

Akiyo: Even women her age are really hot.

Li Juan: If Fenfang was here she would be the oldest.

Akiyo: How old is she?

Li Juan: I really don't know. All she said was she's older than all of us. Fenfang has been very reserved for herself.

Akiyo: I think your friend is coming back soon. We don't know when.

Li Juan: How?

Akiyo: She said that she wont die. I think she was trying to tell us something.

Li Juan: Maybe. Yuehai will figure it out.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 117- Fenfang's identity


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