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The end of the year has reached its climax.

I have conquered my ordeals for the year.

I just wanna know.


Just why haven't found what I was looking for?

What is it that I'm trying to find?

Is it a self-indulgence?

Is it a goal?

Or is it my ambition that's driving me?

People say I am very strong on the outside and inside.

When I fall down, I continue to rise and get back up.

Is it my adrenaline?

Is it fear?

How about my emotions?

I honestly cant tell anyone or explain.

Not even myself.

But if I were to guess.

I'm looking for something big.

Something so big, no one except for me can get it.

Its unique in its own ways.

It helps me move each step every time I desire it.

Doesn't matter who gets in my way.



Or even strangers?

I want it.

And I'm going to get it.

It's exciting for me.

But overwhelming for everyone else.

What I desire is the hardest thing to ever complete.

Because I have no idea what it is.

I feel empty without it.

What I'm trying to find is cloaked in its own veil.

Its very secretive.

Very mysterious.

Very impacting.

And its very extraordinary.

My curiosity makes that desire fill it with more ambition.

It's probably one of the reasons why I am who I am today.

Without it I feel so dark and filled with anger.

I feel so reserved because no one understands except for me.

I'm so mysterious because the answer remains unsolved.

I can't get anyone to help me with it.

I have to do it myself.

Its a very strong desire.

But a desire with its own risks.

Is it something I haven't achieved yet?

Or is it a gift I already have, but don't know how to use it yet.

I will start yet another year looking for that desire.

But will I find it this time?

If I were to guess my desire.

It would be order.

There is always order with my ambitions.

And it has so many categories to choose from.

I'm picking my own poison.

And when I find what I'm looking for.

It will be complete.


  After the death of Li Jun. Ruomei sellouts her own friends and kidnaps Narumi for execution. Akiyo lashes out with anger and decides to teach her a lesson.

Akiyo punches her in the face.

Akiyo: Moonlit tree!

He sweeps her and kicks her in the neck.

Ruomei: (in thought) How in the hell did his chi spike up so high?!

Akiyo: Tigers yin! Malicious lunge!

He drop kicks her in the chest, stabbing her body.

Ruomei: (coughing blood)

Akiyo: (yelling)(angry) Gravity pull!

He pulls her forward.

Akiyo: Tsukiyomi's moon!

His arm glows white!

Akiyo: Lunar shot!

He punches her in the gut.

Ruomei: (gasping for air)(in thought) This son of a bitch!

She grabs him by the throat.

Akiyo: Don't even try it!

He locks his legs around her legs and flips her over.

Akiyo: All I am trying to do is bring peace! What so bad about that?!

He starts punching her.

Ruomei kicks him in the face.

Ruomei: Motherfucker!

She cuts him.

Ruomei: I'm a vanguard of the Sun yee on!

Akiyo: I don't give a shit what you are! Fuck your status!

He kicks her in the chin, skyrocketing in the air.

Ruomei: (in thought) Why the hell is he getting stronger?!

Akiyo appears from above.

Akiyo: (enraged)(roaring)

He kicks her in the face and plummets her to the ground.

Ruomei: Susanoo's rainstorm!

It starts to rain.

Fenfang: What the hell is he?

Yuehai: What do you mean? He's a nekomata.

Fenfang: That is something more overwhelming than a nekomata.

Yuehai: It's not like he's going to win.

Fenfang: No he will. Ruomei did not listen to her fortune. I said do not make the two tailed cat angry. He will beat you.

Yuehai: What is he?

Fenfang: I don't know. He's being tempered. I don't even think he realizes where this power comes from.

Akiyo: All you did is stomp on Zhu's feelings. You piss me off.

Ruomei: So fucking what! She shoots a torrent of water at him.

Akiyo: (angry) That won't even work! Don't bother with that shit!

His flames get hotter and more intense!

Ruomei: Susanoo's rainstorm! Water serpent!

Akiyo evaporates all the water.

Akiyo: (angry) That's all you got.

He gets in a crane stance.

Akiyo: Tsukioka's technique!

His leg glows white.

Ruomei: (in thought) Is he slowing down time?!

Akiyo: (angry) Whispered shot!

He kicks her in the face.

Akiyo grabs her by the throat.

Akiyo: (enraged) You're absolutely pathetic! And Tao told me to help you! Your not worth helping! You're a disgrace to your clan, your friends and to the Sun yee on!

He jabs her in the chest.

Akiyo: Don't come near me again.

He throws her.

Akiyo's blue flames go away.

Akiyo: Sorry you had to see that.

Fenfang: What the hell was that?

Akiyo: What was what?

Fenfang: Um nevermind.

Akiyo: I didn't kill her. I'm going to look for Narumi. See you guys around.

He leaves.

Akiyo heads north and follows her scent.

Zhu: Wait!

Akiyo: What is it Zhu?

Zhu: I'll help you look for her.

Akiyo: Really?

Zhu: Yes I'll help. I think pa would like that.

Akiyo: Thanks that means a lot.

Zhu: I may not be strong but I can make really good food if you get hungry.

Akiyo: Thanks.

She starts munching on bamboo.

Akiyo: You must be really hungry.

Zhu: (blushing) I'm sorry. I bet you think of me as a fat person like Mei.

Akiyo: No I don't. You lost so much weight since we last time we met.

Zhu: Um what does that one word mean again? Voluptuous.

Akiyo: Means you're big in some places but curvy. You have weight on you but you aren't fat. Also attractive.

Zhu: (smiling)(blushing) Do you like big girls?

Akiyo: Yes. I like all types of girls. I don't judge and discriminate.

Zhu: You don't?

Akiyo: Of course not. I used to have a girlfriend from Egypt. It wouldn't bother me if a girl was Chinese.

Zhu: I like you. You're really nice.

Akiyo: You have a really cute accent. You even look cut when you're eating.

Zhu: (blushing)(smiling) Your really nice.

Akiyo: I try to be nice.

Zhu: I wish Mei could have been nice like you.

Akiyo: If she cant respect you for who you are then she's not your friend.

Zhu: (crying) I wish she didn't call me fat. It hurt my feelings so bad.

Akiyo: Sit down.

They sit down.

Zhu: (crying)

Akiyo: She should have never insulted you about your weight. You worked so hard to get where you were at. Losing a hundred pounds is something you should be proud of. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud for who you are and how you were made. You're not fat anymore.

Zhu: Thanks. That really means a lot to me.

Akiyo: Anytime. Just remember. You have other friends, like the crane and the fox. I'll even be your friend.

Zhu: I thought we were already friends.

Akiyo: Let start now so were on the same page.

Zhu: (smiling) Okay.

Akiyo: Okay. Lets go look for Narumi.

They keep walking and track down her scent. Zhu continues to much on bamboo.

Akiyo: Someone's happy.

Zhu: (smiling) You're a good friend.

Akiyo: (smiling) Thanks.

They hear the ground rumble.

Akiyo: What is that?

Zhu: I don't know.

Ruomei shows up and points her sword at them.

Ruomei: (bleeding) So here's what fuck is gonna go down. The man who murdered Li Jun, and my so called friend. You have two choices. Go rescue the tigress, or save Fenfang and Yuehai.

Akiyo: (angry) You still wanna fall low huh?

Ruomei: I will get what I want. Your choice your dilemma.

Someone watches her actions.

Zhu: (angry) You changed so much.

Ruomei: I don't care.

She walks of with some demons.

Ruomei: Wanna save Fenfang go east. For Yuehai go west. Don't bother saving the tigress. I'll have her killed within 3 days.

The demons go their separate ways.

Akiyo: (angry) That bitch! That's the lowest thing she can do!

Zhu: Akiyo. Calm down. Lets get something to eat.

Someone leaves.

Akiyo: I heard something.

Zhu: Ignore.

She starts cooking dinner.

Akiyo: How can you be so calm?

Zhu: I've already had this problem before. Please relax and eat.

She finishes cooking.

Akiyo: 3 minutes.

Zhu: Make sure you eat all of your food.

Akiyo: I'll try.

They eat.

Akiyo: This is really good. I think I can eat all this!

Zhu: It's not an ordinary recipe. It gives you an energy boost.

Akiyo: I got my boost!

He finish eating and drinks his tea.

Akiyo: Thanks for the help Zhu!

He hugs her.

Akiyo: You'll be a great woman for someone one day!

Zhu: (blushing)(smiling) Thanks.

Her chi flows around him.

Akiyo: Are you okay?

Zhu: (blushing) Um yes! Absolutely! I'm going to get Fenfang! You get Yuehai! Later!

She runs away and heads east.

Akiyo: I guess I'll head west.

He heads west to save Yuehai.

Akiyo: (in thought) I'm moving really fast. I'll catch up to Yuehai in no time.

The scene switches to Akiyo's ship.

Kohana: Shizuka what's the matter?

Shizuka: (hand sign)

Kohana: Kosumi and Li Juan. Shizuka needs your help with something.

Li Juan: What's the matter?

Shizuka: (hand sign)

Kohana: Akiyo is in trouble and needs help. He's stuck in a very bad dilemma.

Kosumi: Is he okay?

Shizuka: (hand sign)

Kohana: No. The dragon girl did a very foul move on them.

Li Juan: She must be talking about Ruomei. What did she do?

Shizuka: (hand sign)

Kohana:  Narumi is kidnapped, captured and sent for execution within 3 days. Akiyo has the choice to save her or save Fenfang and Yuehai.

Li Juan: (angry) What?! She got those two involved into it too?!

Kohana: Seems so.

Tomiko: I'll help along with the way.

Li Juan: No stay here. We need to handle this with stealth. You stand out too much because they already know who you are. Let us handle this.

Tomiko: Fine but if anything happens let me know.

Li Juan: Alright.

Shizuka: (hand sign)

Kohana: The panda went east to save Fenfang. Akiyo went west to save Yuehai. Be very careful. There are 3 demons guarding the hostages. Will follow the dragons lead to see where they are going. I'll try and free Narumi.

She leaves and heads north.

Li Juan: I'll go rescue Fenfang. You get Yuehai.

Kosumi: Alright.

They split up and start their rescue.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 113- Known Yaoguai
  Narumi has tapped her mind into predator mode and gets ready to take out Li Jun. The boss of the Sun yee on.

Narumi: (angry) Make your move!

Raiden: We'll back you up.

Narumi: (angry) No you won't I'm taking him out!

Li Jun: Do you think some inferior tigress can beat me?! You're deluded and full of shit!

They both make a step simultaneously.

Li Jun: (in thought)(shocked) She can read my movements?!

Narumi: (angry) What's the matter?! Make a move!

Li Jun: (in thought) How do I want to do this?!

She appears right in from of him.

Narumi: (angry) IF YOU WONT MOVE THEN I WILL!!!

She punches him straight in the stomach.

Li Jun: (vomiting blood)

Narumi: (angry) How dare you mistreat my student!

She walks straight towards him.

Narumi: (angry) People like you is the reason why no one can be in peace.

Her claws turn into steel.

Li Jun: You inferior bitch!

He charges up lightning and shoots it at her.

Narumi: (in thought) I refuse to let someone who beat my student kill me!

She strikes him back with his own lightning.

Li Jun: (coughing blood)

Narumi tastes his blood.

Narumi: (in thought) The taste. Such a delicacy. I want more.

She creates a fog.

Li Jun: So what you struck me with my own lightning!

He swings with his tail and hits her.

Narumi: (bleeding) Ngh!

She rips and tears the nerves inside his tail.

Li Jun: (in thought) My tail! I can't move it!

Narumi: That's because I ripped and disconnected the nerves in your tail.

Li Jun: I had enough of you.

She back handsprings away from him.

Narumi: Season technique! Tigers autumn!

Leaves scatter in the air and impale him.

Li Jun: (lightheaded)

Narumi: (angry) I think it's time to end this!

She lunges at his neck and jabs his throat.

Narumi: (roaring)(yelling)

She rips his neck open and disconnects his nerves.

Narumi: If you think moving your tail was bad then try seeing.

She starts biting and eating through his neck.

Narumi: (crunching)

Li Jun tries to get back up.

Narumi: Stay down.

She pins him back down and rips out his liver.

Narumi: It's ironic that you tell us to drown in the darkness, and yet you are the one falling into despair.

She rips out his heart and kills him, eating and consuming his body.

Narumi: It's over.

Ryuu: I didn't think you could kill him.

Narumi: Don't take tigers lightly. Not all of them are inferior to dragons.

Her fur turns into a brighter color.

Ryuu: I don't understand. Tigers represent yin. Shouldn't your aura be darker?

Narumi: Aura is based off your personality. Not your actions.

Ryuu: What is the color of your aura?

Narumi: It's white. Not black.

Narumi bows her head.

Narumi: It was an honor fighting with you.

Ryuu bows his head.

Ryuu: Thank you so much for the help. I didn't want my men getting killed out there.

Narumi bows her head.

Narumi: You are very welcome officer Ryuu. It was a pleasure fighting with you.

She leaves and walks over to Ruomei.

Narumi: This war is officially over. I Narumi with the assistance of Ryuu Yamada, Raiden Kobayashi, and Akiyo Tsukioka have slain dragon head Li Jun from the Sun yee on.

Ruomei: Don't lie to me! Don't you bullshit with me!

Narumi: If I was lying he would still be alive right now. Carnage Li Jun has been slain.

Ruomei starts to cry.

Ruomei: (crying) You bitch!

She strikes her with the sword and misses. Narumi strikes her in the stomach.

Narumi: You are in no condition to fight. Stay down.

The war ends and the Sun yee on retreats.

Narumi heads to the military ship.

Narumi: Is he alright?

Tomomi: He's fine. I managed to save him in time.

Narumi: May I see him please?

Tomomi: Go ahead.

She walks into the room and talks to Akiyo.

Narumi: How are you feeling?

Akiyo: Leave me alone. I'm not in the mood.

Narumi: Akiyo please don't be like that.

Akiyo: I messed up.

Narumi: What happened?

Akiyo: My hyper mode ran out. I can't use it anymore.

Narumi: (surprised) It ran out?

Akiyo: It seems not everyone you eat gives you unlimited power.

Narumi: Come on kitten. Lets go take a bath.

Akiyo: (sigh) Fine.

Tomomi: He needs to rest. If he's going anywhere then no fighting.

Akiyo: What?! Oh come on!

Tomomi: No fighting dammit!

Akiyo: Okay fine.

They go to the hot springs.

Clerk: What happened to you guys?

Narumi and Akiyo: (lying) We were hunting.

Clerk: Oh very well then. Separate or mixed.

Narumi: Mixed.

Clerk: Right this way.

They go into the hot springs.

Narumi: You did a good job out there.

Akiyo: No I didn't.

Narumi slaps him in the face.

Narumi: That's enough Akiyo.

She washes him.

Akiyo: I wanted to do more.

Narumi: Did you not see what you did to Li Jun? I couldn't have taken him down without that attack you did. And your flames gotten more intense.

Akiyo ignites his flames off his finger.

Akiyo: They're yellow.

Narumi: I told you. See you're improving.

Akiyo: Yeah but I need to get stronger than this.

Narumi: Why are you so obsessed with power?

Akiyo: (sigh) I want revenge. I want to kill the Egyptian god Set.

Narumi: That's pretty extreme.

Akiyo: He killed my unborn son. I have every reason to do it.

Narumi: I'm really sorry to hear that. She washes his hair.

Akiyo: Don't be. It's not your fault.

He washes her.

Akiyo: Your fur is lighter. Are you the new cardinal for the western tiger?

Narumi: Yes.

Akiyo: Your aura is brighter too.

Narumi: My intentions are to only keep peace in the world.

Akiyo: That makes sense why your aura is white. A tigers aura is normally black.

Narumi: I want to ask you a serious question.

Akiyo: What is it?

Narumi: What are your intentions as an assassin?

Akiyo: To kill the corrupted. Especially people like Set. I will kill him.

Narumi: You'll get your chance kitten.

They finish bathing each other.

Narumi: Come on Akiyo. Cheer up okay? Who knows maybe one day you'll protect me.

Akiyo: Yeah. And when I fight Set, I'm going to be stronger than you.

Narumi: (smiling) You have good intentions. Come on lets get dressed and get something to eat. My treat.

Akiyo: (smiling) Okay.

They wear Chinese wardrobes and go get something to eat.

Narumi: Where do you want to eat at?

Akiyo: Lets try the bamboo shoot. They have really good food there.

Narumi: Alright.

They go inside the bamboo shoot.

Fenfang: (in thought) He's back. It's that exact same chi like last time. The tigress chi is way higher than his.

Zhu: (smiling) Hellooooo! How may I help you two?

Akiyo: Surprise us.

Zhu: (smiling) Okay.

Yuehai: Hey you.

Akiyo: Me?

Yuehai: Yeah you. Haven't you been here before?

Akiyo: Yeah.

Yuehai: Where's the dog?

Akiyo: She went back to Egypt.

Yuehai: You look different from last time.

Akiyo: I turned into a Nekomata.

Fenfang: So what brings you here? Why do you two look beaten up?

Narumi: We killed Li Jun. Along with the samurai.

Fenfang: (shocked) Li Jun is dead?

Narumi: Yes. Ruomei didn't like it but we were only doing our job as assassins.

Fenfang: Good I'm glad he's dead. Piece of shit.

Yuehai: Yeah me too. He was really scary.

Zhu: You food is done. Its on the house.

She starts munching on bamboo.

Zhu: Hm.

Akiyo starts eating.

Akiyo: Hm.

They stare at each other.

Zhu: Why do you look familiar?

Akiyo: I was going to ask you the same thing.

Fenfang: You two seriously don't remember each other?

Zhu: I can't picture it out.

Akiyo: Me neither.

Fenfang: (sigh) Zhu that's the same guy I prophesized on. He's the one you wanted to meet again.

Zhu: He is?

Fenfang: And you were complimenting on how cute she would look if she lost weight.

Akiyo and Zhu: IT REALLY IS YOU!!!

Zhu: (blushing)(excited) You look so cute! I'd knew we'd meet again!

Akiyo: (shocked) You lost so much weight! You look so hot!

Zhu: (smiling)(blushing) Really?

Akiyo: Yeah! And you're so curvy!

Zhu: (breathing hard)(smiling) W-wow. I-I don't know what to say. You think I'm that attractive?

Akiyo: You're curvy in all the right places. You're so gorgeous. How much weight have you lost?

Zhu: (blushing)(smiling) I lost a 100 pounds.

Akiyo: That's amazing.

Zhu: Can we talk outside?

Akiyo: Yeah sure.

They step outside.

Zhu: I'm glad I met you again.

Akiyo: It was good meting you too.

They start kissing.

Fenfang: He really has ways with women.

Narumi: Trust me. I know. He almost got me.

Akiyo: You wanna come with me?

Zhu: (blushing) You're really captivating.

Akiyo: I can stop if I'm making you nervous.

Zhu: (blushing)(smiling) Um no. Your fine.

Akiyo: I could use a beautiful cook like you. Wanna come?

Zhu: I'd love too...

Akiyo: But?

Zhu: Did you really kill Li Jun?

Akiyo: Yeah. Me and 3 other people did it.

She hugs him.

Zhu: (crying) Thank you. He was really mean. He said he would help me with business, he still mistreated us.

Akiyo: He did?

Zhu: (crying) He got out of hand and beat me. I was supposed to do business with him and he stole my profit. Pa wouldn't have like this at all.

Akiyo: Do you wanna come with me?

Zhu: (crying)(begging) Please?

Akiyo: You can come with me.

She kisses him.

Zhu: Thank you um?

Akiyo: My name is Akiyo.

Zhu: Thank you Akiyo.

Ruomei appears and kicks Akiyo and the gut.

Akiyo: (coughing)(blood)

Ruomei: Zhu! Why are with this fucker here?!

Zhu: He helped me! Don't hurt him!

Ruomei: (angry) HE KILLED LI JUN!!!

Zhu: He helped me! Li Jun has stole my profits and abused me!

She walks to Zhu.

Ruomei: Move fatass.

Zhu: I'm not fat!

Ruomei: I'm going to ask you one more time Zhu. Get the fuck out the way.

Zhu: No.

Ruomei stabs her.

Zhu: (bleeding)(crying) I thought we were friends?

Ruomei: Fuck our friendship. Doesn't mean shit to me?

She kicks her in the face.

Ruomei: (enraged) AND FUCK YOUR RESTARAUNT!!!

She burns it down.

Zhu: (crying) That meant so much to me! Why would you do that?!

Fenfang: What the hell is your problem?! You could have killed us!

Ruomei: I can't trust you three anymore. All of you are worthless!

Yuehai: Mei? Are you really going to end this friendship over his death? You don't know what he did to us.

Ruomei: I don't give a shit. Those two are one of the four people that killed him.

Fenfang: So this is it?

Ruomei: Damn straight it is.

She punches her in the face.

Ruomei: Detain that tigress right now.

They blow a dart into Narumi's neck and kidnap her.

Ruomei: Get that tiger out my sight.

They take away.

Ruomei: I have so much shit I wanna do to you.

Akiyo: (angry) Why are you doing to Narumi?

Ruomei: Selling her off for execution.

Akiyo: (enraged) You really wanna go that far?!

Ruomei: Yes I do.

Akiyo: (angry) You make me sick. They were your friends and you are going to throw them away?

Ruomei: They're nothing but pawns to me now.

Akiyo flames turn blue.

Akiyo: (enraged) Zhu gave you all the love and respect and you just played with her heart.

Zhu: (crying)

Akiyo walks towards her.


Ruomei: A friend that wants revenge and business. I clearly don't give a shit anymore.

Akiyo punches her in the face.

Ruomei: (coughing blood)

Akiyo: I have some serious issues with you now.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 112- Outclassed vanguard
  As the war continues to brew, Raiden has been revived from Hiyori's electricity. Akiyo and his assassin group appear on the spot to help in the war to take out the carnage Li Jun. How long will this fight continue on?

The scene switches to Ryuu.

Ryuu barely dodges Li Jun's attack.

Ryuu starts is war cry.

Ryuu: (yelling) You will be put down!

Li Jun: Better back your shit up. You are still a long way of killing me.

Ryuu: Conjure!

His sword his cloaked in white flames.

Ryuu: Yang technique! Justified dragon!

He starts slashing him.

Ryuu: (yelling) I'm not the same person from two years ago!

He pierces him in the chest.

Li Jun: (in thought)(breathing hard) He's actually causing me a problem. But that doesn't meant I'm going to let him defeat me.

Li Yun prepares for the next attack.

Li Jun: Yin's technique! Tigers grudge!

He bites him in the ribs.

Ryuu: (yelling) Ah dammit!

Raiden: Thunder arrow!

Sound blasts Li Jun yards away.

Raiden: Bitch move gecko! Bitch move!

Ryuu: Raiden are you okay?

Raiden: I'll manage.

He points his sword at Li Jun.

Raiden: (angry) Looking at you just makes me sick to my stomach! I would have never had this problem with you if you didn't kill my dad!

Ryuu closes the wound with heat.

Raiden: All this pain and suffering! You so much on me!

He hits his drum again.

Raiden: (angry) Second tomoe! Raiju's awakening!

He starts to grow claws and fangs.

Raiden: (enraged) I sure as hell hope you are ready you damn gecko! You have so much shit on your plate that can't be forgiven!

Ryuu: Ready Raiden?

Raiden: (enraged) Yeah. Let me lead again.

Li Jun: I don't give a damn about your father. He shouldn't have brought his ass to China.

His chi starts radiating all over the battlefield.


Raiden: (enraged) It's a lot more effective than you think. Don't underestimate a weasel.

He throws his sword.


He catches and sheathes his sword.

Raiden: (enraged) You took my father!

He jabs him in the chest.

Li Jun: (bleeding) Yin-yang technique! Twin predators!

He fatally stabs him twice.

Raiden: (bleeding) I'm not done yet! Do it Ryuu!

Ryuu: Hachiman's technique! Time splitter!

He slows down time around Li Jun.

Raiden electrocutes and fries the insides of his body.

Ryuu: Conjure! Tonbogiri's spear!

His sword turns into a spear.

Note: Ryuu's sword the Tonbogiri is originally a spear. He can also conjure the weapon and turn it into a sword.


He kicks and punches him in the face.

Li Jun: Yin technique! Tigers palm shot!

He hits Raiden's stomach.

Raiden: (vomiting blood)

Ryuu: Raiden!

Raiden: Keep going!

He claws Li Jun's neck.

Ryuu: (in thought) Trust in Raiden. We got this.

He ignites his spear in white flames.

Ryuu: Raiden! Get out the way!

He moves out the way.

Ryuu: I promised that I'll watch over Raiden! I will not let him die! You wanna kill him, then go though me first!

Li Jun: TRY IT!!!


He throws it straight at Li Jun.

The spear grazes his face as he quickly moves out the way.

Li Jun: Like you could really kill me with that.

He cuts him.

Ryuu: (coughing blood)

Li Jun: Any other gimmicks?


Li Jun: (in thought) WHAT?!

Raiden: (burning)(in thought) Dammit this burns!

He conjures it with lightning.

Raiden: (yelling)

He throws it straight at Li Jun, directly hitting him in the chest.

Li Jun: (yelling)(burning)

Raiden: Too bad you cant dodge lightning.

Li Jun: You prick. How dare you!

Raiden: Just give up. You lost. Just grovel on the ground and just die.

He walks off.

Raiden: Ni-san. Are you alright?

Ryuu: Maybe. Dammit!

Raiden: I wasn't letting that move go to waste.

He hands him back his spear.

Ryuu: (surprised) You caught my spear? It was really hot.

Raiden: It was all or nothing. Yeah it burned my hands but it was worth it.

Ryuu: He's not dead yet though?

Raiden: The damn gecko is still alive?

Ryuu: He's clinging to life though.

Raiden: I'll finish him.

Ryuu: No Raiden its too dangerous to get near him.

Akiyo and Narumi show up.

Akiyo: I hope I'm not too late for anything.

Ryuu: No we need all the firepower. I don't want my subordinates out there. It's suicide for them.

Akiyo: What's watching going to do?

Ryuu: They need to acknowledge and understand their officers command. They will understand why I'm doing this. Raiden and I are the only samurai in this army that can take him on.

Narumi: Akiyo.

Ryuu: Yeah?

Narumi: Li Jun is the one who ate Kimiko. The white tiger of the west.

Akiyo: How do we keep the balance of the for cardinals?

Narumi: Li Jun needs to die. For him to eat the white tiger of the west. He's making the world spiral out of control.

Akiyo: And then what?

Narumi: We need a tiger to eat him.

Akiyo: Do you think you can handle it?

Narumi: I don't know but we have to try?

Akiyo: Are you ready Narumi?

Narumi: Yeah. Lets go.

They prepare to fight Li Jun.

Li Jun: I heard about you. Akiyo Tsukioka. Ruomei has given me serious warnings about you.

Akiyo: Oh really?

He gets in a tiger stance.

Akiyo: Then you know what's ahead of you.

His muscles bulk up.

Akiyo: So which will it be Narumi. Stealth or head on?

Narumi: Since I'm stronger I'll go head on.

Akiyo: Then I'll do stealth. Tsukiyomi's moon cloud!

He surrounds dust around Li Jun.

Narumi: Yin technique. Negative influence.

She jabs straight into his vital organs and crushes it with her claws.

Li Jun: (vomiting blood) Don't take thinks too far you bitch!

He strikes at her.

Narumi: (coughing blood)

Li Jun: Seems that forked tailed cat doesn't give a shit about you.

He pops out the ground.

Akiyo: Hyper mode!

Li Jun: (in thought) He was in the ground this whole time?!

Akiyo: I would never abandon or sellout my team!

He starts raining punches on him.

Narumi: (in thought) Akiyo's flames. They're not red anymore. They finally turned yellow.

Akiyo: Are you ready for the next technique Narumi?!

Narumi: Do it!

She throws him straight in the air.

Narumi: Don't think because I'm a tiger that I'm inferior to you.

Her mind taps into predator mode.

Narumi: (glaring) Vigorous tigress.

Note: When Narumi taps into predator mode, her body hardens and becomes more bulky. Also allowing her to become more agile along with sharper claws and fangs.

Narumi: Yin technique! Treacherous claw shot!

She uppercuts him in the jaw hit the claw.

Raiden: He's in the air! Ryuu use the unforgotten trail again!

Ryuu conjures his spear with white flames again.

Ryuu: Raiden I'm throwing this at full force! I can't conjure another technique after this!

He throws it in the air.

Li Jun: I'm not falling for this shit again!

Akiyo: Fall for this one!

Ryuu: What the hell is that?!

Narumi: (in thought) I never seen Akiyo do this before! His own comet?!

Akiyo: I hope you can stops this! Once I throw it this thing flies as fast as a comet!

Narumi: Ryuu go find some cover! That's technique is seriously dangerous!

Li Jun: I'm sick of these damn gimmicks!

He attacks Akiyo.

Akiyo: (in thought) Oh shit!

Raiden throws the spear in his back within a nick of time, pinning him to the ground.

Raiden: Do it!

Akiyo: Tsukiyomi's comet! Comet's misfortune!

He throws and dunks it directly at Li Jun. In the process he breaks his own arm.

Akiyo: (yelling) Damn it!

Narumi: Akiyo are you alright!

Akiyo: My right arm is broken. Damn it!

Li Jun gets up.

Li Jun: (roaring)

Akiyo: He's still alive!

He transforms into a full dragon form.

Akiyo: He's huge.

Li Jun charges straight at Akiyo.

Akiyo: (in thought) Damn he's coming in hot! I need to go full power in hyper mode!

He goes back into hyper mode.

Akiyo: Tsukiyomi's technique!

His hyper mode form goes out.

Akiyo: (shocked)(in thought) It's gone?!

Li Jun swings his tail at Akiyo. Severely hurting him.

Akiyo: (coughing blood)

Narumi: Akiyo!

She catches him.

Narumi: Are you okay?!

Akiyo: (breathing hard)(panicking) I...can't breathe...m-my...hyper mode...ran out...its gone. (coughing blood)

Narumi: We need to get you a doctor fast.

Akiyo: I...feel so...(crying) weak.

Narumi: Don't say that! You did everything you could!


Narumi: (crying) It was enough for me. Now could you please stop talking?

He ends up unconscious.

Ryuu: Fuuya! Get Akiyo to Tomo immediately! Do not waste anytime!

Fuuya: Yes sir!

She takes Akiyo in for treatment.

Li Jun: This is what happens when you keep messing around with me! Do you see the consequences?!

Narumi: (angry) Consequences? What type of consequences is there for bringing peace to a country?!

Her yin starts to overflow.

Narumi: (angry)(crying) That was my student!

She walks to him.

Narumi: (angry) Yeah he's annoying and he pisses me off sometimes, but I love him dearly! Just seeing your damn face makes me sick! I'm going to end this right now!

Li Jun: You are inferior to my species. It's pathetic fighting a lower food chain like you.

Narumi: (angry) Then how about I entertain you?

She prepares for her trump card.

Li Jun: (in thought)(shocked) When did she cut me?

She tastes some of his blood.

The scene switches to a flashback.

Narumi: Miyako? I have a question.

Miyako: What is it?

Narumi: What happens if I tap my mind into predator mode and get a taste of the prey?

Miyako: You won't be able to calm down until the target is killed and consumed. Be aware you may end up attacking your own allies.

Narumi: So that's what happens. Thanks.

Miyako: Have you tried it before?

Narumi: Once on a red moon. I targeted your son on accident. I couldn't control it then, but it think I figured it out now.

Miyako: Be careful. Hunting a prey in predator mode is a serious thing. Especially an apex predator like you.

Narumi: Yes ma'am. I'll be more careful next time.

The scene switches back to the present.

Narumi: White tiger! Western Berserker!

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 111- Western tigress
  A full year has passed and all the royals have finished their training. Akiyo says goodbye to his mother and Tsukiyomi and get ready to sail to China.

Tsukiyomi: Before you leave. Let me give you my aura.

Akiyo: Will it make me stronger?

Tsukiyomi: No. This will allow you to revive anyone you want. Including yourself.

Akiyo: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Tsukiyomi: Have a safe journey Akiyo. Be safe.

Akiyo: (smiling) Alright Tsukiyomi.

Narumi: Ready to sail off guys?

Li Juan: This is so ironic. Fighting the Chinese in my own country.

Kosumi: Ready?

Kohana: Um ready.

Shizuka: (hand sign)

Akiyo: Huh?

Kohana: She's ready.

They head to the ship.

Tomiko: I missed you Akiyo.

Akiyo: Tomiko!

They kiss.

Li Juan: Who is she?

Akiyo: She's my awesome girlfriend.

Tomiko: (smiling) That was the promise after 4 years.

Akiyo: Alright! Lets go kick Li Jun's ass!

They sail off.

The scene switches to the great wall of China.

Ryuu: Alright men. Move forward.

The walk into he battlefield.

Li Jun: Turn your ass back to Japan you damn jap. Unless you wanna die like your damn lieutenant.

Ryuu: He's a commander now. Show some respect.

Li Jun: You think these shitty samurai can do something you damn adjutant?

Ryuu: It's officer!

Foot solider: Officer Ryuu. What should we do?

Ryuu: Fall back! All of you! Raiden and I will take care of this.

They all fall back.

Li Jun: 2 of you?

Raiden: Is that a problem gecko?

Li Jun: Who the fuck are you?

Raiden: (angry) You killed my old man.

Raiden starts a storm.

Li Jun: So he was your daddy? Get out the way before you die like him.

Ryuu: Raiden. Make the first move.

Raiden walks towards them.

Sun yee on member: Is this kid serious?

Raiden: Kokoro teishi (cardiac arrest)

He sheathes his sword and stops his heart.

Li Jun: (enraged) No turning back.


He starts slaughtering the enemies.

Li Jun: (in thought) This kid is fast.

Raiden: Don't screw up you damn gecko!

Li Jun: (angry) Don't get too confident!

He strikes lightning at him.

Raiden: Get that out my face!

He redirects it back to him.

Li Jun: (in thought) His strikes are incredibly fast.

Raiden teleports.

Li Jun: (in thought) He can teleport?!

Raiden swings his sword but misses.

Raiden: Thanks for letting me charge up.

Ruomei: Li Jun get back!

Raiden swings his sword faster than before.

Li Jun: (in thought) This kid is getting faster than before!

Raiden throws his sword.

Li Jun: What the hell was that gimmick?!

Raiden: A gimmick to kick your ass!

He teleports above him and cuts him.

Raiden: Wanna start getting serious?! I got plenty of bones to pick with you!

Li Jun: (angry) Alright! You got it you damn brat!

He powers up.

Li Jun: Yin-yang mode.

Raiden: I'm not impressed. That's it.

He sheathes his sword.

Ruomei: You son of a bitch! You think you're badass for cutting our boss don't you?!

Raiden: I'll feel more badass when he's dead.

Ruomei: You'll regret saying that.

Ruomei powers up in yang mode.

Raiden: Wanna move?

Ruomei: (angry) Humans like you can get too cocky.

Raiden: Half human. Get it right.

Ruomei: Susanoo's rainstorm! Dragons raindrop!

Heavy rain starts pouring and on Raiden.

Foot solider: Officer! Should we help him?

Ryuu: No. Let Raiden deal with it. Our sergeant is a lot better than that.

Raiden: Are you an idiot dragon lady?

Ruomei: Who the hell are you calling an idiot?

Raiden slides right behind her?

Raiden: You!

He swings his sword and pushes her back.

Raiden: Get lost dragon lady. I have no reason to kill you.

He points his sword at Li Jun.

Raiden: (glaring) I'm after this piece of trash.

He sheathes his sword and walks off.

Raiden: I'm ready officer.

Ryuu stands up.

Ryuu: Lets take care of things sergeant.

Li Jun: You two against me? You do know what happened with your lieutenant right?

Raiden: He's a commander! Get it right!

He hits his drum.

Raiden: First tomoe! Raiju's slumber!

Static electricity flows through his body.

Ryuu: Alright. Stay in the front. I'll stay behind you.

He conjures his weapon and powers up with yang.

Ryuu: Are you ready?

Raiden: Yeah. Lets go.

Raiden teleports behind Li Jun.

Raiden: Thunder dance.

Li Jun: (in thought) Why can't I hit him?!

Raiden: What's the matter? Too fast or are you too slow?

Li Jun cuts him.

Raiden: Wrong move.

He flips and kicks him in the air.

Raiden: Raiju's lightning! Predators shock!

He drops a huge bolt a lightning from the sky.

Raiden: This isn't over!

He lunges towards him in the air.

Li Jun: I'm not falling for that one.

Raiden: Don't have to.

He teleports and switches with Ryuu.

Ryuu: Dragons song!

He cuts past Li Jun.

Li Jun: (coughing blood)

Ryuu: Go for it Raiden!

Raiden start kicking in the air.

Sayomi: He's shaking the air and the ground?!

Kuuya: It's the kaminari technique. It lets him stun his enemy and hits them with sound waves of thunder and electricity of lightning. The faster his kick, the stronger it gets.

Raiden: Raijin's thunderstorm! Kaminari!

He starts kicking the air.

Raiden: (angry) You think I'm playing games with you don't you?! I will kill you!

The kicks hits him faster and harder.

Raiden: (in thought)(angry) All this training! All this effort I worked hard for as a samurai! I will prove my subordinates, my clan, my father, and brother Ryuu that I'm worth something important!

Ryuu: Keep going Raiden!

Raiden: (angry) Roooaaaargh!

He drops the last kick on Li Jun!

Raiden: (breathing hard) He's not down yet Ryuu.

Ryuu: Yeah I know. Go recharge.

They switch places.

Ryuu: Should have listened to my sergeant.

Li Jun: (roaring)

Li Jun attacks as Ryuu narrowly dodges it.

Li Jun: If this is all you got. Then you have a long way of killing me.

He attacks Raiden and kills him.

Li Jun: Fight without him now. He's dead.

Ryuu: (smiling) People like you will never understand the Kobayashi clan.

Sayomi: Poor guy. He tried his best too.

Kuuya: (laughing) Sorry but Raiden isn't going down like that. He can easily come back.

Fumio: Raiden's not dead. This has happen plenty of times. Haw!

Sayomi: He can come back to life?!

Kuuya: (teasing) Maybe. (giggling)

Li Jun: Bullshit he's dead.

Ryuu: Keep telling yourself that.

Li Jun attacks Ryuu.

Li Jun: Yin-yang technique!

He gets in a tiger stance.

Ryuu: (in thought) Oh shit.

Li Jun: Corrupted dragon!

He vanishes.

Ryuu: Dammit! Where'd did he go?!

Li Jun: I'm right here you little shit!

He pierces him straight through the chest.

Li Jun: You feel that?! That's the darkness consuming you! Drown in it!

Ryuu: (in thought) His power is insane!  He's literally pushing me towards the great wall!

Li Jun: This is what happens when you fuck around with the Sun yee on!

He launches him straight to the wall?

Ryuu: Fuuya! Get Raiden's body!

Fuuya: Got it!

Ruomei: Trying to save a comrade! He's dead!

Fuuya: He's not dead!

Ruomei: Don't make me laugh!

She kicks her in the face.

Fuuya: Fujins tornado! Autumns speed!

She moves at high speeds with the wind.

Fuuya: Alright.

She picks up Raidens body.

Fuuya: (shocked) Whoa!

She narrowly dodges her attack.

Ruomei: I don't know why you keep trying! He's dead!

They start running on the great wall.

Ruomei: I give you credit, you run pretty fast for running away like a little bitch.

Fuuya: Who said I was running away? I'm just following the officers orders!

She throws his body over to Hiyori.

Fuuya: Go for it Hiyori!

Hiyori jabs him in the chest.

Raiden: What's the matter dragon lady?

Ruomei: (irritated) How the fuck is that possible?! You died!

Raiden: You're right I did. Clearly you don't understand how the Kobayashi clan works. Doesn't matter how many arrows you shoot at me, how many times I'm stabbed, even if you poison me. As long as my body is intact and is hit by natural lightning or someone else's, I can be revived as many times possible.

Ruomei: This is bullshit!

Raiden: Nope. Not really. It's just the Kobayashi's are so accustomed to it.

Ruomei: Then I'll mince you up into hundreds of pieces if I have to!

Raiden: Honestly you're a waste of time. I want the bastard that killed my father.

He walks off and ignores her.

Ruomei: (enraged) Son of a bitch! Don't ignore me!

She attacks Raiden, but Tomiko defends for him.

Tomiko: (smiling) We meet again "yang".

The rashomon gate closes and disappears.

Akiyo: Don't get to excited Tomiko.

She sees blood on the battlefield.

Tomiko: Blood.

Akiyo: (in thought) Shit. She's too excited for a fight now.

Tomiko: (excited) Hey hun?! I don't think my excitement is gonna go away! There's blood everywhere!

He demonic aura awakens.

Tomiko: (blushing)(excited) I'm so thrilled!

She starts mowing down and slaughtering the Sun yee on.

Tomiko: (in thought) More. More! MORE!!! I'm not satisfied yet!

She slowly looks at Ruomei.

Tomiko: (breathing hard)(smiling) Don't worry. I'm saving people like you for last. I promise I wont kill you. Just you wait.

Akiyo: Hey samurai stay away from her. She gets too violent and dangerous in a fight.

Fuuya: Don't have to tell me that I'm outta here!

She runs off.

Akiyo: Tomiko.

Tomiko: Yes hun?

Akiyo: I'm going to fight Li Jun and take him out. Don't kill Ruomei.

Tomiko: You have my word sweetie.


She tries to kill Akiyo, but Tomiko kicks her and stabs her in the chest.

Tomiko: (angry) Look here bitch! Don't you ever try to kill Akiyo again!

She knees her in the chest.

Ruomei: (coughing blood) Ack!

Tomiko: (angry) We're assassins allied with the Tsukioka. We're meant to kill carnages. So you wanna fight then come through me.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 110- Tonbogiri activated
  Akiyo and Narumi head to the Nachi falls to meet their mothers. In addition Akiyo finds out that Narumi is a runaway princess that is forced to have children with him. What will be Akiyo's decision?

Akiyo: How come you never wanted to be a princess?

Narumi: Because its a lot of pressure on me as a tigress.

Akiyo: Is it really?

Narumi: Yes.

Akiyo: So why am I here?

Narumi: My mother wants me to bear your child.

Akiyo: Are you serious?

Narumi: Yes.

Akiyo: I'm going to decline the offer. So no thank you.

Narumi: No?

Akiyo: I'm not ready for mating yet. I'm still getting used to these powers as a Nekomata. I have techniques that are still hard to control and such. By the way, I'm not going to force a woman to have children if she doesn't want to.

Narumi: Thank you Akiyo. I knew I could trust you.

Akiyo: Why does your mother want wants us to mate?

Narumi: You really don't know?

Akiyo: Honestly I don't. My powers have dropped since I'm not the last clan member.

Narumi: The reason why is because your aura is black. The other reason is because Nekomata's are demons. There is something very dark and malicious that my mother likes about you.

Akiyo: Nope not mating with you. I don't even know your feelings towards me.

Narumi: Just be careful when you talk to my mother. I don't want you to get hurt.

Akiyo: Okay.

He leaves the room and goes to the meeting room with Koya.

Koya: So will you mate with my daughter Narumi?

Akiyo: I decline the offer.

Koya: What?

Akiyo: I will never force a woman into something she doesn't want to do. I am not ready for mating yet so no thank you.

Koya: So you don't want to mate?

Akiyo: No.

She kicks Akiyo straight in the face.

Akiyo: What was that for?!

Koya: (enraged) How dare you tell me no! You will do as I say! I will not take no for an answer!

Akiyo: I'm not doing it!

She kicks him in the chest.

Akiyo: (coughing blood)

Koya: Have you decided to change your mind?

Akiyo: I'm not doing it you damn tigress? Didn't you hear me the las- (yelling)

She stomps on his chest.

Koya: I'm going to ask you one more time.

Blue flames drip off of his body.

Akiyo: (glaring) This is your last time to keep your hands off me. I don't have a problem hitting women.

Koya: You really do have potential. It would be a waste to not mate with power like that.

Akiyo bites her in the throat.

Akiyo: Listen up you bitch. Go have Narumi mate with someone else. I'm not doing it.

Koya starts kicking him multiple times.

Koya: I guess it was a waste then. Let me devour that body of yours so I can put it to good use.

Miyako and Narumi both punch her in the face.

Miyako: (angry) How dare you lay your hands on my son!

Narumi: I will not let you hurt him anymore.

Koya: Both of you are traitors! This is unforgivable! Narumi as your mother you are banished! Never come here again!

Narumi: I never did like you. You're are so twisted in so many ways.

They leave.

Miyako: Akiyo is knocked out pretty badly.

Narumi: Empress Miyako.

Miyako: Miyako is fine.

Narumi: I apologize for everything that happened in there.

Miyako: It's no ones fault. You mate with my son whenever you're ready. It's your choice.

Hours later they head to Tsukiyomi's cabin.

Akiyo: What happened?

Narumi: Your mother and I saved you.

Akiyo: I'm sorry I caused you trouble.

Narumi: You didn't cause me trouble.

Akiyo: I didn't?

Narumi: I'm very happy you did that. It meant so much to me because you stood up for me and respected my feelings.

Akiyo: I do love you.

Narumi: I know you've always felt that way about me.

Akiyo: You really are beautiful even though I was hitting on you.

Narumi: (blushing)(smiling) Now you're embarrassing me.

Akiyo: I always wondered how you felt about me.

Narumi: I have feelings for you, but I'm not ready to commit to them yet.

Akiyo: Okay.

Narumi: Just please be patient with me okay?

Akiyo: Okay I will.

Narumi: Thank you.

Akiyo: Hey Narumi?

Narumi: Yes?

Akiyo: Your mother is a bitch.

Narumi: I completely agree. I don't like her.

Akiyo: I don't ever want to see her again.

Narumi: We have about a year left till we leave to find the other carnages.

Akiyo: And we will participate and help the samurai in china.

Narumi: How about I make you something to eat?

Akiyo: Okay.

Narumi: (flirting) I think you deserved it.

She licks his face and kisses him.

Akiyo: So you do have a thing for me?

Narumi: (flirting) Who knows.

She leaves and goes into the kitchen with Miyako.

Miyako: Feel free to stay here as much as you like.

Narumi: Thank you very much.

Miyako: So do you like my son?

Narumi: I don't know how you raised him, but he's quite a pervert.

Miyako: I never got the chance to raise him. I died giving birth to him. So I just let him do what he wants.

Narumi: Aside from him being a pervert. He's really sweet.

Miyako: Oooooh you have a crush on him?

Narumi: (smiling) Yes. I mean he got his looks from you. He's really cute.

Miyako: (laughing) Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

Narumi: When we sail out to China, I'll make sure I'll take of him.

Miyako: I was going to ask you that. You seem to have a pure heart. And you're very stable as far as mentality.

Narumi: I'm also stronger than him, so I can keep training him till he surpasses me.

Miyako: Thank you. I would have trained him, but I had my moment of having babies again.

Narumi: The babies are so adorable. What's their names?

Miyako: The first twin is named Amaya, and the second one is Mizuki.

Narumi: Those are beautiful names.

Miyako: Thank you.

Narumi finish cooking Akyio's meal.

Miyako: (teasing) Don't do anything naughty in there.

Narumi: (blushing) What?! I would never do that!

Miyako: (laughing) I'm just kidding.

She goes back to Akiyo's room.

Narumi: I made you something to eat.

Akiyo: Thank you Narumi.

He eats.

Akiyo: Your food is always so good.

Narumi: Thank you.

Akiyo: So are you ready to go to China next year?

Narumi: Absolutely. We have a carnage to kill over there right?

Akiyo: Yeah. Li Jun. The dragon head boss of the Sun yee on.

Narumi: He's gonna be tough. I heard that he has one of the cardinals power.

Akiyo: He killed and ate Kimiko.

Narumi: This is not your average carnage. A yin-yang dragon.

Akiyo: That's okay we have our trump card.

Narumi: What trump card?

Akiyo: Tomiko. She has yin-yang powers too.

Narumi: Isn't she a oni?

Akiyo: Yep. We'll use her gate to transport to china.

Narumi: You're really smart when it comes to stuff like this.

Akiyo: Because I know how I wanna kill my target.

Narumi: We'll take him out and make China a better place.

Akiyo: Of course.

The scene switches to Ryuu.

Hachiman: Your skills have improved.

Ryuu: I'm killing Li Jun if its the last thing I do.

Hachiman jabs him in the neck.

Ryuu: (annoyed) What the hell was that for?!

Hachiman: Your fire element was blocked.

Ryuu: I thought it was destroyed.

Hachiman: No.

Ryuu ignites fire out his hand.

Ryuu: Hey it works. Thanks.

Hachiman: Thank me when you've won the war.

Ryuu: You got one last technique you have to teach me. I can cut anything and nothing now. Except that one.

Hachiman: Very well. Your last technique is to cut through space and time. It's a very hard technique to master.

Ryuu: Give me one year and I'll make sure its perfected.

Hachiman: Lets get started. You got one year.

The scene switches to Li Jun.

Li Jun: Alright. The intel I found is that the Japanese military will be here in one more year. Lets make sure everything is prepared. Weapons, armor, everything for the war.

Ruomei: Let me participate in this war.

Li Jun: No. Sit this one out. That oni will be back during the war. She's too powerful for you.

Ruomei: Baobao please. If anything happens to you I don't know what I'd do.

Li Jun: Are you going to continue to disobey me?

Ruomei: Since your life is on the line yes.

Li Jun: Fine. You are responsible if the battlefield turns into your deathbed.

He leaves.

The scene switches to Tao in japan.

Tao: Thank you very much.

Chloe: Why are you buying a ship?

Tao: This is for Akiyo and for the others.

Chloe: You think he'll go to Greece?

Tao: He will. The carnages are making their move.

Chloe: Akiyo is a good person. I'm glad you made friends with him.

Tao: He's not a bad guy. He'll be the man to destroy the organization of the carnage.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 109- Awoken samurai



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